Don’t Let the Headlines Get You Down

Despite July’s warmer temperatures, the recent impact of COVID-19 can make the news feel a bit depressing. These days, it can seem like there is an awful lot to worry about. Here is a sampling of the types of headlines I’ve seen recently:

  • “Fed finds new challenge for the economy” i
  • “Stocks edge lower as U.S.-China relations sour” ii
  • “8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody” iii

It’s easy to get gloomy reading such headlines, day in and day out. But if you look for good news, there’s plenty to find. For example:

  • “A floral designer is beautifying the streets of New York with elaborate displays for healthcare workers” iv
  • “Loved ones reunite at closed U.S.-Canada border” v
  • “Officers and Protestors Embrace During Rallies Against Bad Policing” vi

As an investor, a plethora of troubling headlines could make you question yourself, your life choices, and even your overall approach to the financial markets. But remember market volatility goes hand in hand with investing. Your strategy was built with your time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals in mind.

We can probably expect to see more shocking headlines in the months ahead. If underlying economic conditions change or a new long-term trend emerges, we may want to revisit your portfolio’s positioning. But it’s never all bad news, and if you look for the good, you just might find it.

Meanwhile, we’re watching the headlines for you. Feel free to give yourself a mental break now and then – and keep an eye out for those silver linings.

Kind Regards,

Mark Stratton

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