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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Posted on November 3rd

Having family gather around the table to enjoy delicious food is one of the best - if not the best - parts of Thanksgiving. However, after such a crazy 1.5 years, you never know how someone feels about a certain topic or what is going to set someone off on a tangent. No one wants to stir the pot on Thanksgiving (unless it’s full of gravy!), so we decided to share several safe conversation starters for this Thanksgiving meal.

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Special Needs Financial Planning: Commonly Asked Questions

Posted on October 5th

Planning for the future when you have loved ones with special needs can feel overwhelming and scary. Mark Stratton, LUTCF®, CFP®, ChSNC®, dad of four, has significant experience in this area with both a personal and a professional perspective. Whether you’ve worked with Mark before or you happened upon this blog by search, it’s important to know his heart for others is to instil a sense of hope for the future.

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4 Tax Pitfalls to Avoid in 2021

Posted on September 1st

Before we know it, tax season will be upon us. COVID-19 has caused all types of tragedy and has impacted the world in many ways; it’s also affected many facets of the US economy and driven deficit spending by the U.S. Government. In turn, this will impact our taxes and the planning strategies we implement.

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Starting a College Fund? 6 Ways to Start

Posted on July 20th

When it comes to starting a college fund, the options can seem endless and overwhelming. There are plenty of varying choices available and it’s important to research your possibilities before picking a route. See below for different options that might be most suitable for you and your family when starting a college fund.

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ABLE Accounts for Loved Ones with Disabilities

Posted on February 2nd

Families with special needs children have a new tax-deferred savings option. The ABLE account, also called a 529A savings account, is patterned after the popular 529 savings plan, created to help parents save for a child’s higher education. Like 529 plans, ABLE accounts are run by states rather than the federal government. These plans emerged after the passage of the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act in 2014.

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The Great Spending Balance

Posted on December 4th

Your financial life is a balancing act, strung between living in the present and preparing for the future. Saving for retirement may be a focus, but it could feel like you’re missing out living in the present. There are three key areas, however, where saving big and investing may make a substantial difference in both the present and future alike: your home, your vehicle, and your travel plans.

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New York Life's Mark Stratton Earns ChSNC® Designation

Posted on November 20th

Mark Stratton, an agent for the New York Life Insurance Company, has been designated a Chartered Special Needs Consultant® (ChSNC®) by The American College of Financial Services, Michael Scovel of the Dallas Fort Worth General Office announced today.

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What Is Earnings Season?

Posted on November 12th

Every few months, you may hear the phrase “we’re entering earnings season” as you read financial news.

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Will Political Changes Affect the Economy?

Posted on October 10th

With all of the storm and stress of the year 2020, you’d be forgiven if you momentarily forgot that we’re due for another national election in November.

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CARES Act Modification Allows More Retirement Savings Access

Posted on September 10th

Americans who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may now be able to access retirement accounts to help cover daily expenses, penalty-free.

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Don’t Let the Headlines Get You Down

Posted on August 10th

Despite July’s warmer temperatures, the recent impact of COVID-19 can make the news feel a bit depressing. These days, it can seem like there is an awful lot to worry about.

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Tips for Staying Active in Retirement

Posted on July 11th

When most people think about retirement, they envision a life of freedom. From traveling the world to spending time with grandchildren, everyone’s goals for their golden years are different.

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4 Things Retirees Can Learn About Retirement from Peyton Manning

Posted on June 12th

After 18 years in the National Football League, the Denver Broncos’ star quarterback, Peyton Manning, is calling it quits after a very successful career. We wish him well and hope that he’s made the preparations needed to enjoy a long, comfortable retirement. If he has, he’ll be in the minority. Research shows that an estimated 60% of retired NFL players go broke within five years of retirement; nearly 16% declare bankruptcy.

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Are You Prepared For Mental Decline?

Posted on May 12th

Joe got excited about Apple and ordered his advisor to buy 100 shares; his advisor worried about the out-of-character behavior but wasn’t authorized to speak to Joe’s family. Sally thought she had won the lottery and wired $50,000 to a scammer; her bank questioned the large withdrawal, but Sally approved it anyway. Dennis gave his caregiver cash and expensive gifts that totaled over $100,000, leaving his family with no way to get the money back.

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Do You Understand Your Emotions About Money?

Posted on April 4th

If you’ve ever felt a rush of excitement at making a big purchase or experienced feelings of shame at making a financial mistake, you know that our relationship with money isn’t completely rational. For most people, money comes with a lot of emotional and psychological baggage that affects the decisions we make.

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How Do You Reach Your 2020 Financial Resolutions?

Posted on March 9th

The start of the new year always seems to represent new beginnings. It’s a time to remake our priorities and to reimagine our futures. Although the calendar may not recognize its significance, our humanity marks the passing of the old year with poignancy.

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